Fargo Public Schools is dedicating time to visit with students, parents, and stakeholders to identify how it can provide more learning opportunities to meet the needs of various learner profiles within the District. One exciting avenue it is exploring is the potential introduction of a full-time Trollwood Performing Arts School.

The full-time Performing Arts Program is a unique educational initiative that would combine accredited academic instruction with specialized performing arts training. A collaborative effort between Trollwood Performing Arts School and Fargo Public Schools Virtual Academy, the program would provide a comprehensive educational experience that allows students to excel both academically and artistically. In this instructional model, all credit-bearing school courses would be delivered through Fargo Public Schools Virtual Academy. However, students would also receive artistic training that takes place at the Bluestem Center for the Arts.

Additionally, each student would be paired with a Student Talent Mentor. The talent mentor would serve as the linchpin of the program, responsible for overseeing students’ overall development by coordinating academic and artistic schedules to ensure a balanced educational experience; facilitating opportunities for specialized training, internships, and community performances; and acting as the primary liaison between parents, students, educators, and the community.

The current goal would be to open such a school in the 2024-25 school year.

We are currently gauging interest and analyzing survey responses. Thank you for your feedback so far, and watch for more information in the coming months.