2024 Summer Registration opens Wednesday, January 10th!

Trollwood Players is a non-musical, summer theater opportunity for students. Each summer the Trollwood Players performs a collection of short plays/sketches to give each student in the program the opportunity to perform both lead and ensemble roles.  This year’s show will be directed by Scott McClure – show title to be announced soon!  The goal of the Trollwood Players is to get to work with new people, to hone your acting and performance skills, and to have fun!

Where: Fargo South High School Theatre
Grades:   8th grade through graduated senior (all grades refer to 2023-2024 school year)
Dates:  July 15-August 8, 2024
Times: 9:00am-1:00pm, Monday-Friday
Performances:  Aug. 7 & 8, 7:00pm
Auditions: Program filled on a first come, first served basis.  Auditions will be held the first day to assign roles.

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A series of comedic sketches written by Scott McClure that tell the story of a filmmaker, the actors, and the movie they are struggling to make.

Scott McClure

Trollwood Players Director

Scott McClure is a filmmaker, writer, & actor. A Fargo native, he created a popular web-series and a following on YouTube. Currently, he is working on several film projects with Trollwood Alumni and colleagues. He’s excited to be back as an instructor and The Trollwood Players Director.

Matt Smith
Trollwood Players Assistant Director/Stage Manager

Born and raised from Fargo, ND, Matt Smith was an alumni of Trollwood from 2017. A recent graduate of NDSU for English Education and Theater arts, Matt has experience in both writing, acting, and directing in the Fargo area. He has been doing improv for about 10 years and is currently the coach for South High School’s improv troupe the Donkey Hotey’s.

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