Over the years, Trollwood Performing Arts School has created a wide variety of videos to promote, educate, and inspire our students as well as the public about what we do here. In this archive, you will find some of the more recent videos that we have published.

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Trollwood Performing Arts School is dedicated to helping young artists grow in their passions and skills. The Trade Tips & Tutorials by Trollwood series will help connect performers with Trollwood alumni and other artists who can help further their abilities.

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Trollwood Performing Arts School equips and inspires people to follow their dreams. Former Trollwood student, Joan Degerness, is now a music teacher and Trollwood Faculty and Production Team Member. She shared her dreams in a 1983 documentary, which she reflects upon in this new video. Watch “Where Dreams Debut and Come True” to see how Trollwood inspired her passion and helped her achieve her goals, then watch the full documentary “Where Dreams Debut.”