2024 Summer Registration opens Wednesday, January 10th!

Totally Trollwood Academy Classes

Choose from 17 different summer classes in the performing arts! Whether your interests lie in musical theatre, acting, dance, improvisation, film, or songwriting, you will be able to immerse yourself in the perfect learning opportunity. Make your own schedule – you can sign up for 1 to 4 classes daily in June!

Grades: Grades 5, 6, or 7 (all grades refer to 2023-2024 school year)

Dates: June 3-26, 2024, Monday–Friday

Period 1  9:00am – 10:20am
Period 2  10:30am – 11:50am
Period 3  1:00pm – 2:20pm
Period 4  2:30pm – 3:50pm

Location: Trollwood Performing Arts School at Bluestem – 801 50th Ave. S. Moorhead, MN 56560

Fees: See Program Fees for 2024 fee structure.

Bus Transportation: Trollwood offers bus transportation to Trollwood Performing Arts School from various pickup points in Fargo, West Fargo, and Moorhead and back again. Routes will run prior to 9:00 am and again after 4:00 pm, allowing you to participate in a full day of programming at Trollwood.

For just $100.00, you may ride the bus both ways, only one way, or switch it up from day to day! Routes will operate from June 3–26, 2024. Refer to Student Services for schedule/locations.

Grades 5-7

(all grades refer to 2023-2024 school year)

Period 1 (9:00am-10:20am):

Dance for Stage
Each week, you will discover the physical fun of iconic Broadway musicals as you learn and perform multiple dance combinations from selected shows! Whether it’s jazz, ballet, or contemporary styles, this class is your ticket to exploring diverse musical theatre dance techniques while increasing expressiveness and improving dance memory. This class is a great opportunity for those aiming to hone their dance audition skills.

Stage Makeup – Class is Full!
Explore the field of makeup design & application in this course! Beginning with an understanding of physical facial structure and visual principles, this class will open your mind to different ways of approaching the human face—through a wide range of application techniques, materials, and conceptual play. Example lessons may include transformation, character design development, artistic drawing, tattooing, and a variety of character looks, including glamour, old age, scar/blood/injury, fantasy, and more! Anyone who has taken Stage Makeup previously is invited to participate again as course topics and instruction levels adjust each year to match the experience and knowledge of students enrolled.

NOTE: It is required that each student has their own personal Ben Nye makeup kit. Complete kits are available for purchase from TPAS for $80 which is paid upon registration. If financial barriers preclude the kit purchase, please contact Student Services for assistance.

Intermediate Acting
Ready to continue growing as an actor? Level up your acting skills as we dive deeper into the foundations of bringing a story to life. Alongside peers, experiment with different acting styles and collaborate on scenes that have increasing depth and emotion. Along with learning and laughter, you can strengthen connections with fellow actors to create an inclusive, supportive community. Unlock your creativity, build your skills, and shine brighter on the stage!

Show Tune Vocals – Contemporary
This class provides essential training for the young vocalist while singing songs from your favorite Broadway shows of today! You will learn all the basics of singing, such as proper breathing for singing, how to support the voice, proper diction and vowel formation, extending your range, and finding the ideal resonance. You will learn how to sing for an audience, including correct posture, interpretation, and how to work with an accompanist through the use of solos and group numbers. Daily sessions include physical and vocal warm-ups, group work on vocal techniques, and individual coaching on solo pieces.

Period 2 (10:30am-11:50am):

Tap Dance
Get your toes tapping and your heels clicking in this class where you will explore the foundations of tap dance while grooving to catchy tunes! From learning basic tap steps like shuffles and flaps to piecing together exciting combinations, discover the magic of making music with your feet designed for beginners to intermediate tappers alike.

NOTE: This class requires a pair of tap shoes to bring to class each day. If you are unable to purchase or provide a pair, please contact Student Services and share your shoe size as we may have options for you to borrow from our inventory.

Immerse yourself in the art of songwriting! Hone your craft in both music and lyric writing. Expect an interactive and engaging experience where you will receive expert support and feedback on your original material. Discover essential tools and techniques needed to bring you musical ideas to life and learn the ropes of recording your music.

Beginning Acting – Class is Full!
Unlock your creativity and engage your imagination as a new, young actor. Through theatre games and scene work, learn the basics of creating characters and using your voice, body, and emotions to breathe life into them. Explore dramatic text and learn how to bring a character from page to stage! Have a blast alongside your peers as you explore working together on many scenes, and not only enhance your acting skills but boost your self-confidence!

Film FUNdamentals – Class is Full!
Interested in movies and television but don’t know where to start? This class will screen and analyze clips from popular movies, breaking down storytelling secrets such as the importance of setting, how camera movement underlines a scene, how to disguise exposition, how costuming, lighting and even the actors’ blocking all help to establish a tone–and much, much more! From classics to contemporary films, we will explore every genre to find out why we all love going to the movies so much! Popcorn is optional. Then to apply all that newfound knowledge, learn the basics of how to operate camera equipment, set up shots, and piece it all together using user-friendly computer editing software. Walk away with your own mini movie! Quiet on the set, please, we’re ready to roll camera!

Period 3 (1:00pm-2:20pm):

Dance Improv & Choreography
In this class, find the fun and excitement of bringing your own dance to life! Through dance improv activities and creative compositional tools, discover the joy of creating dances in the moment allowing you to learn your unique movement style. Hone your skills with personal flair and create your very own choreographed dance with the help and support of classmates and instructor. 

Show Tune Vocals – Traditional – Class is Full!
This class provides essential training for any young vocalist while singing songs from your favorite classic Broadway shows! From “The Wizard of Oz” to “Annie” to “The Sound of Music”, you will learn all the basics of healthy singing, such as proper breathing, how to support the voice, proper diction and vowel formation, extending your range, and finding the ideal resonance. You will learn how to sing for an audience, including correct posture, interpretation, and how to work with an accompanist through the use of solos and group numbers. Daily sessions include physical and vocal warm-ups, group work on vocal techniques, and individual coaching on solo pieces.

Building the Character – Class is Full!
How does an actor create a character from just some writing on a page? Join this character-building experience and learn the importance of all character types to tell a story ranging from the protagonist to the villain to the comic relief! Using dramatic text and media, you will discover the complexity of character creation through making vision boards, group discussions, creative writing exercises, role-playing scenarios, and collaborative projects and scene work. Even explore what it would be like to write or create your own character! By delving into character traits, backstories, conflicts, and motivations, you will quickly realize how dynamic a character’s inner world can really be.

Beginning Improv
Get ready to join the world of improvisation and spontaneity! Learn the power of saying “YES!” to ideas, creating stories on the fly using intuition, how to rely on storytelling over punchlines, and the basics of scene building–physicalization, careful listening, high stakes, environment, and so much more! From fun games that build trust and teamwork to crafting imaginative scenes that have a beginning, middle, and end, this class is all about playing and letting loose!

Period 4 (2:30pm-3:50pm):

Hip-Hop Dance
This class allows beginner and intermediate dancers alike to unleash their self-expression and individuality through basic hip-hop moves! Over the course of the month, you’ll learn the fundamentals while finding your confidence on the dance floor in a supportive environment. Participate in exercises designed to enhance your groundedness and master quick weight shifts to use during dance sequences. Break it down!

Theatre 101 – Class is Full!
Welcome to Theatre 101, where you can learn what happenings behind the curtain! You will discover there is so much more to theatre than what meets the audience’s eye. Learn not only what it is like to be an actor through informal performances opportunities, but also how other various roles play a part in creating a production. Discover the fascinating foundation of theatre as an art form, elements to a play or musical, common theatre lingo, types of “stages”, and an overall appreciation of live performance! This is a wonderful class for any young artist who is looking for a well-rounded introduction and understanding of Theatre Arts.

Show Choir – Class is Full!
Show Choir is where melodies meet motion! This class is designed for a singer and/or stage performer who wants to explore a mix of pop, rock, and Broadway hits. Not only will you be jamming and singing your heart out to loveable tunes, additionally, stage movement and stage presence will be incorporated. We will work together to craft an ensemble performance to entertain and delight an audience at the end of the month at Sun Celebration!

Intermediate Improv
Building on what you already know, get ready to amp up your improv skills! In this class, you will dive deeper into making scenes organically spontaneous by saying “YES!” to ideas without overthinking. Jazz up your scenes by playing around with different types of characters, movements & gestures, and really listening to each other to make the stories even more engaging. Short and long form improvisation skills will be explored in a supportive and encouraging environment!


Scott McClure

Scott McClure
Film Studies & Filmmaking

Scott McClure is a filmmaker, writer, and actor. A Fargo native, he created a popular web-series and a following on YouTube. Currently, he is working on several film projects with Trollwood Alumni and colleagues. He’s excited to be back again as an instructor and Trollwood Players Director.

Ginny Glaser

Ginny Glaser
Acting & Stage Makeup

Ginny Glaser is a Los Angeles based performer with 20 years of experience as an actress, recording artist, and lyricist. She is a Trollwood alumnus, performing in the Mainstage Musical for five years in such roles as Dorothy (The Wiz), Millie (Thoroughly Modern Millie), Narrator (Joseph), and Hodel (Fiddler on the Roof). She’s thrilled to be with her Fargo friends and family this summer!

Katie Damico<

Katie Damico
Musical Theatre Vocals

Katie Damico is super excited to be returning for another summer at Trollwood!  Katie just finished her 20th year of teaching and currently is the 7-8 choir director at Horizon East Middle School in Moorhead.  In addition to her full time teaching job, Katie also vocal directs the fall musical at Fargo North High School and is an assistant speech coach at Moorhead High School. During her many years working for Trollwood, she has vocal directed and taught for many of the programs, including winter academy, TTA, TA, Artspark and June Session vocal classes.  Katie lives in Moorhead with her husband Daniel, and two children, Isaiah (16) and Lily (13).

Matt Smith

Born and raised from Fargo, ND, Matt Smith was an alumni of Trollwood from 2017. A recent graduate of NDSU for English Education and Theater arts, Matt has experience in both writing, acting, and directing in the Fargo area. He has been doing improv for about 10 years and is currently the coach for South High School’s improv troupe the Donkey Hotey’s.

Ayden Smith
Acting & Songwriting

Ayden Smith is an actor and musician in Fargo. Growing up in Wahpeton, he moved to Fargo to attend NDSU for Vocal Music and Theatre. Ayden spends his time performing in a variety of productions around the area, writing songs, and singing karaoke. He is excited to return to Trollwood to teach classes in June and Stage Manage Matilda Jr. with The Totally Trollwood Musical.

Mariah Schafer

Mariah Schafer

Hey guys, I am Miss Mariah! This will be my third summer at Trollwood and I am so excited to spend it with you. I will be teaching TTA Dance for Stage, Tap, and Hip Hop as well as TA Dance for Stage. I will also be teaching two weeks of ArtSpark in July (July 8-12 & July 15-19). Outside of Trollwood, I work at L.E Berger Elementary, Red River Dance & Performing Company as a competitive instructor, and Fargo South High School as their musical choreographer. I enjoy taking my cat Baymax on walks, going to the lake with my parents and two younger sisters, reading fantasy books, puzzles and coloring. Trollwood has made my summers more fun, given me one of my best friends Hannah, and opened the door for so many opportunities that I am forever grateful for. I hope you immerse yourself in all that Trollwood has to offer this summer. I can’t wait to meet you 😊

David Triptow

David Triptow

Born and raised in the Midwest, David Triptow is a movement artist, choreographer, and yoga educator. His career has given him the opportunity to teach, perform, and choreograph around the United States, Mexico and Canada. David has worked with directors and choreographers from all over the globe and has had the opportunity to be a part of NYC-based dance apprenticeships in the styles of modern, jazz, and contemporary.

In 2018, David landed the role of Riff in an off-Broadway production of West Side Story, working with director and choreographer Michael Jablonski; an opportunity of a lifetime to dance to the original Jerome Robbins choreography.

In 2019, David traveled on the road as the Dance Captain in the North American tour of PJ Masks Live!

In 2020, David partnered with ChamberSixMedia and Rethink Dance to choreograph a short dance film entitled Wake, which has been accepted into film festivals across the country.

Over the past decade, David has dedicated his time and currency to a variety of yoga modalities, working side by side with his mentors in NY, MN, MT, and Mexico accumulating over 800 hours of continued yoga education. Currently David teaches group classes and Katonah Yoga Therapeutic privates in the FM area, and travels throughout the state teaching workshops and trainings to yoga practitioners and teachers.

David contributes his love and passion for life from his time as a student at Trollwood Performing Arts School, and to this day, practices curiosity and a life-long learner mindset. He strives to ignite the same attributes in his students.

Lori Cline

Born and raised in central Ohio, Lori has lived in the Fargo-Moorhead community since 1990. She has more than 30 years experience as a church music professional. For 11 years she was the staff accompanist for the Moorhead High School music department and enjoyed accompanying their choirs and ensembles, as well as coaching and accompanying vocal and instrumental soloists for annual competitions. Lori has worked as a collaborative pianist at all three Fargo-Moorhead area universities and is currently employed as an Adjunct Collaborative Pianist at MSUM.

Lori is studying Collaborative Piano Performance and Theory Pedagogy in pursuit of the Master of Music Degree at NDSU. (One semester to go!) Ms Cline is studying piano with Dr. Tyler Wottrich and Dr. Robert Groves and theory pedagogy with Dr. Cassie Keogh.

Last summer Lori had the pleasure of playing with the pit orchestra for Trollwood’s mainstage production of Singin’ in the Rain.

Macy Scharmer

Macy Scharmer

Macy Scharmer is an educator and performer from Grafton, ND. She is a recent graduate NDSU who earned her Bachelor’s degree in Science Education with a Theatre Arts minor. She is excited to start her first year teaching this fall at Sheyenne High and to finally get to spend all of her time at Trollwood this summer after a long semester student teaching abroad in New Zealand! She is a Trollwood alum and was a cast member of two Mainstage Musicals, Disney’s Freaky Friday (Ensemble/Officer Sitz) and Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (Charlotte). After two life-changing summers as a student, she can’t help but return every year as the Lead Programming Assistant and a teacher. Macy has been involved with a variety of production companies throughout the area including Theatre NDSU, FMCT, Straw Hat Players, Act Up, and Stage West. She looks forward to another sunny, bright, vibrant, lively summer at her favorite place teaching “Theatre 101”!


Clothing for Totally Trollwood Academy:

Clothes should be comfortable and movable.  Athletic wear works great!
Tops –Tank top, t-shirt, sweatshirt
Bottoms – Sweatpants, long shorts, leggings
Footwear – Appropriate shoes for the class:
Dance:  Ballet, jazz, or clean tennis shoes. Tap shoes if you are taking that section.
(If you need help acquiring dance shoes, please contact Student Services)
Acting, Improv, Musical Theatre, Other:  Clean tennis shoe.  NO sandals or flip-flops.

Standards & Benchmarks


Totally Trollwood Academy exposes students to the performing arts in three curricular areas: Vocal Music, Drama, and Dance.  The applicable standards and benchmarks for this program are listed below.  Not all standards and benchmarks will be addressed in the four week session, but a significant number of them will be represented.


Standard 1: Singing
Students sing, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.

6-8.1.1. Sing accurately and with good breath control throughout their singing ranges, alone and in small and large groups.
6-8.1.2. Sing with expression and technical accuracy a varied repertoire of vocal literature.
6-8.1.3. Sing music representing diverse genres and cultures.
6-8.1.4. Sing music written in two and three parts.

Standard 2: Instrumental Performance
Students perform on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.

*This standard is not applicable in Totally Trollwood Acacemy.

Standard 3: Improvisation
Students improvise melodies, variations, and accompaniments.

6-8.3.1. Improvise simple harmonic accompaniments.
6-8.3.2. Improvise melodic embellishments and simple rhythmic variations on given pentatonic melodies in major keys.
6-8.3.3. Improvise short melodies, unaccompanied, over given rhythmic accompaniments.

Standard 4: Composition
Students compose and arrange music within specified guidelines.

*This standard is not applicable in Totally Trollwood Academy.

Standard 5: Reading Music
Students read and notate music.

6-8.5.1. Read complex rhythms in simple and compound meters.
6-8.5.2. Sight-read simple melodies in both the treble and bass clefs.
6-8.5.3. Know standard notation symbols.

Standard 6: Listening
Students listen to, analyze, and describe music.

6-8.6.1. Understand appropriate terminology to describe specific music events.
6-8.6.2. Know the uses of the elements of music in the analysis of compositions representing diverse genres and cultures.

Standard 7: Evaluating Music
Students evaluate music and music performances.

6-8.7.1. Know how to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of music and music performances.
6-8.7.2. Know how to apply specific criteria when offering constructive suggestions for improving the performance of self and others.

Standard 8: Music and Other Disciplines
Students understand the relationship between music, the other arts, and other disciplines.

6-8.8.1. Know how relationships expressed through music can be expressed differently through other art forms.
6-8.8.2. Know how principles and concepts of other disciplines are related to those of music.

Standard 9: Music, History, and Culture
Students understand music in relation to history and culture.

6-8.9.1. Know the characteristics of music genres and styles from a variety of music cultures.
6-8.9.2. Know exemplary musical works from a variety of genres and styles.
6-8.9.3. Know the functions of music, the roles of musicians, and the conditions of performance in several cultures of the world.


Standard 1: Dramatic Literature
Students comprehend a wide variety of dramatic literature.

6-8.1.1. Know a variety of significant works from various major playwrights.
6-8.1.2. Know themes of dramatic literature.
6-8.1.3. Understand the construction elements of dialogue and actions.
6-8.1.4. Understand elements of improvised and scripted scenes.

Standard 2: Acting
Students will engage in fundamental acting skills.

6-8.2.1.Know resource elements that help to create character motivations.
6-8.2.2. Develop a character’s behavior through a combination of movement, vocal pitch, and tone.
6-8.2.3. Interact in an ensemble.

Standard 3: Production
Students use fundamental production skills.

6-8.3.1. Know the technical elements of a scene or play.
6-8.3.2. Know publicity and house management duties.

Standard 4: Cultural Context of Drama
Students will understand the drama’s role in cultural and human experiences.

6-8.4.1. Know the historical, social, and cultural factors that influence theatre.
6-8.4.2. Know aspects of dramatic genres from a variety of cultures.

Standard 5: Consumer of Theatre
Students will understand how to be knowledgeable consumers of theatre.

6-8.5.1. Use appropriate audience behaviors.
6-8.5.2. Prepare for selected theatrical events.
6-8.5.3. Use knowledge of production elements to respond to a theatrical event.

Standard 6: Drama and Human Development
Students understand the role of theatre in human development.

6-8.6.1. Use drama to develop creative thinking skills.
6-8.6.2. Use drama to develop critical thinking skills.
6-8.6.3. Use drama to develop social skills.

Standard 7: Drama and Other Disciplines
Students understand the connections between drama and other disciplines.

6-8.7.1. Know the relationship of the other fine arts to drama.
6-8.7.2. Know how concepts expressed through drama can be expressed differently through other art disciplines.
6-8.7.3. Know the relationship of other disciplines outside of the arts to drama.


Standard 1: Movement Skills
Students understand the role of movement elements and skills in dance.

6-8.1.1. Understand the characteristics of various dance movements and the underlying principles common to all movement.
6-8.1.2. Know basic dance steps, body positions, and spatial patterns for dances from various styles or traditions.
6-8.1.3. Understand the process of transferring a spatial pattern from the visual to the kinesthetic.
6-8.1.4. Understand the process of transferring a rhythmic pattern from auditory to kinesthetic.
6-8.1.5. Know a range of dynamics/movement qualities.
6-8.1.6. Use kinesthetic awareness, concentration, and focus in performing movement skills.
6-8.1.7. Use dance vocabulary to describe the action and movement elements in a dance.

Standard 2: Choreography
Students understand choreographic principles, processes, and structures.

6-8.2.1. Understand the relationship of principles of creative design to dance.
6-8.2.2. Understand the significance of the processes of reordering and chance.
6-8.2.3. Understand the importance of dance structures or forms.
6-8.2.4. Understand the importance of working cooperatively in a small group during the choreographic process.
6-8.2.5. Know partner dance skills.
6-8.2.6. Know performance etiquette and stage terms.

Standard 3: Dance and Meaning
Students understand dance as a way to create and communicate meaning.

6-8.3.1. Understand the difference between pantomiming and miming.
6-8.3.2. Understand how different accompaniments can affect the meaning of dance.
6-8.3.3. Communicate feelings, ideas, and needs through dance.

Standard 4: Dance and Thinking Skills
Students apply critical and creative thinking skills in dance.

6-8.4.1. Solve movement problems.
6-8.4.2. Know the critical elements that contribute to a dance in terms of space, time, and force.
6-8.4.3. Know the possible aesthetic criteria for evaluating dance.

Standard 5: Dance, History, and Culture
Students understand the historical development of dance and its relationship to various cultures.

6-8.5.1. Know the similarities and differences in steps and movement styles from various cultures.
6-8.5.2. Know social and theatrical dances from a broad spectrum of 20th Century America.
6-8.5.3. Know the role of dance in various cultures and time periods.
6-8.5.4. Know the appropriate audience response to dance performances.

Standard 6: Dance and Personal Wellness
Students understand the connection between dance and personal wellness.

6-8.6.1. Know strategies to prevent dance injuries.
6-8.6.2. Understand the value of personal health goals for dance improvement.

Standard 7: Dance and Other Disciplines
Students understand the difference between dance and other disciplines.

6-8.7.1. Know how various dance concepts and principles relate to other disciplines.
6-8.7.2. Know the aesthetic impact of performance.