Totally Trollwood Academy classes are over

for Summer 2021.

Thank you for a great summer, we hope to see you in 2022!

Choose from seven different intensives exploring over twenty different topics in the performing arts! Whether your interests lie in classic musical theatre, contemporary musical theatre, acting, improvisation, or sketch comedy, you will be able to immerse yourself in the perfect learning opportunity. Choose a 3 hour morning session, a 3 hour afternoon session, or both!

Grades: Grades 5, 6, or 7 (all grades refer to 2020-2021 school year)

Dates: June 7 – 30, 2021 | Monday–Friday

Orientation: Both morning and afternoon Totally Trollwood Academy students are required to participate in Orientation June 7, 9:00-10:30am.  Location is TBD.  Classes begin after orientation.

Morning Session:  9:00am – 11:45am

Afternoon Session: 12:45pm–3:30pm

Location: Trollwood Performing Arts School at Bluestem – 801 50th Ave. S. Moorhead, MN 56560

Performance: TBD

Registration Deadline: Friday, May 14, 2021. NOTE: Registration remains open after this deadline. However, a $25 late fee will be assessed.

Fees: See Program Fees for 2021 fee structure.

Bus Transportation: June 7-30, Trollwood will offer bus transportation to Trollwood Performing Arts School from various pickup points in Fargo, West Fargo, and Moorhead and back again. Routes will run prior to 9:00 am and again after 3:30 pm, allowing you to participate in a full day of programming at Trollwood.

For just $90.00, you may ride the bus both ways, only one way, or switch it up from day to day! Routes will operate from June 7–30, 2021. Refer to Student Services for schedule/locations.

Trollwood Performing Arts School is committed to safety and will monitor COVID-19 guidelines. Trollwood reserves the right to alter or cancel programming if deemed necessary. In the event of cancellation due to COVID-19, Trollwood will refund program registration fees. Otherwise, all registration fees are non-refundable.

Grades 5-7

(all grades refer to 2020-2021 school year)

Morning Session (9:00am-11:45am):

CLOSED – Contemporary Musical Theatre Sampler
Explore the building blocks of performing in this musical theater intensive for beginners. Perfect your hip hop moves and trending Broadway dance combinations. Master new acting and vocal techniques, and put it all together in a show-stopping finale!

In this sampler you will explore the following subjects:
Acting Basics
Beginning Broadway Dance
Show Choir
Hip Hop Basics

The Actor’s Sampler
All the world’s a stage! In this acting fundamentals intensive, use your intuition, physicality, and careful listening skills to tell a story that will captivate any audience. Keep them entertained and laughing out loud through your new found improvisation skills.

In this sampler you will explore the following subjects:
Acting Fundamentals

Classic Musical Theatre Experience
(Prerequisite:  Previous voice, acting, or dance lessons &/or performance experience)
From Sondheim to Rodgers and Hammerstein, hone your skills by digging into new acting techniques, improving your vocal abilities, and perfecting your tap steps. Take the triple threat to the next level and bring it all home in a final ‘scene into song’ performance!

In this experience you will explore the following subjects:
Intermediate Musical Theatre Voice
Acting Technique
Tap Dance
Scene Study

Afternoon Session (12:45pm – 3:30pm):

Contemporary & Classic Musical Theatre Experience (combined)
Grab your tap shoes and improve your musical theatre chops. Dance your way through musical theatre voice and captivating monologues, as you ‘act the song’ in this exciting new musical theatre intensive.

The first two weeks you will focus on musicals like The Spongebob Musical and Hamilton, that are sure to strike a contemporary chord. Master hip hop moves and Broadway dance combinations. Create memorable medleys with the perfect pop vocal sounds to awe and amaze your friends and family.

In this experience you will explore the following subjects during the first two weeks:
Hip Hop Dance
Contemporary Musical Theatre Medley
Pop Vocal Styles
Broadway Dance

Grab your tap shoes and improve your musical theatre chops in this session for beginners. Dance your way through beginning voice and captivating monologues, as you ‘act the dance’ in this exciting new musical theatre intensive.

In this experience you will explore the following subjects during the last two weeks:
Beginning Musical Theatre Voice
Intro to Monologues
Beginning Tap
Acting the Dance

CLOSED – The Acting Experience
(Prerequisite:  Previous acting classes &/or performance experience)
In this experience for the young actor, use your creativity to immerse yourself fully in a role. Explore the importance of reaction and focus on other actors in your scenes. Learn how to be ‘in the moment’, using physicality to bring your character to life. Develop skills and techniques in voice projection and diction. Strengthen your memorization skills as you learn to deliver your best monologue.

In this experience you will explore the following subjects:
Character Study
Voice & Movement
Monologues – Learning the Lines

The Comedy Sampler
Explore the foundations of improvisation and sketch comedy in this exciting new comedy sampler. Learn how to listen and naturally react to your fellow actors as you create an improvisational scene. Capture your creativity into a vignette that will make your audience burst into laughter.

In this sampler you will explore the following subjects:
Sketch Comedy


Totally Trollwood Academy Accompanist

Lori has been the staff accompanist for Moorhead High School choir, band, and orchestra programs since 2009. She has enjoyed working as an occasional accompanist at Concordia and NDSU and is also a church musician. During the pandemic, Lori expanded her audio & video editing skills to produce virtual choir and band videos and concerts.

The Acting Experience Instructor

Grace Parker is an NYC-based actor/playwright/teacher. Recent playwriting work includes Why We Have Book Club (3 Days Prior, Quarterfinalist for Screencraft Stage Play Competition), Dear College, (Lionheart New Works Festival, Award for Playwriting), The Time Lizzie and Jason and Ryan and Heather Went to Ryan’s Lakehouse (Sproutworks), which she also starred in, Missed Connections, (Manhattan Repertory Theatre: Fall One Act Competition Winner), and Juliet and the Falcons (Northlight Educational Theatre). Her play Double Tap had a developmental reading at Atlantic Theatre Company in 2019 and was a semifinalist for the National Playwrights’ Conference and the Thomas Wolfe International Prize. As an actor, she has worked with Goodman Theatre, Timeline Theatre, Orchard Project, and Rave Festival, among others.  She holds a BFA from University of North Carolina School of the Arts where her favorite roles include Amy in Company, and Sister James in Doubt. She has taught theatre classes at Northlight Performing Arts Camp, Harand Performing Arts Camp, and Kids Orbit. Proud alum of NTI Theatermakers Ensemble 2016 at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center. NHSI Theatre Arts Cherub 2013. New Play Exchange: Grace Parker.

The Actor’s Sampler Instructor
The Comedy Sampler Instructor

Born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota, Matt is currently a student at NDSU  double majoring in English education and theatre arts as well as a board member at the school’s own improv troupe. Matt’s goal is to become a high school teacher and director. As someone who has spent a couple summers in Trollwood and enjoyed them, Matt is excited to come back and spread the joy of improv and theatre.

man smiling

The Actor’s Sampler Instructor
The Acting Experience Instructor

Maximus Nielsen is the Creative Dramatics teacher at Carl Ben Eielson Middle School in Fargo, ND. Maximus graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre from the Metropolitan State University of Denver.  Maximus performed in multiple community and professional productions in Denver, CO. He is a member of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. He spent the rest of his time in Colorado as an actor with Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theatre program. Maximus found his passion in working with youth during this experience and went on to receive his Master’s degree in secondary education. Maximus is relatively new to the FM area, and is very excited to begin some amazing work with students this summer!

Contemporary Musical Theatre Sampler Instructor
Classic Musical Theatre Experience Instructor

Madi Wilts is currently teaching 5th-6th grade choir and Exploratory Music at Horizon Middle School in Moorhead. She graduated from Concordia College with a degree in Vocal Music Education and taught in the Twin Cities before returning to the Fargo Moorhead area. Madi grew up training at Children’s Theatre Company, Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, and Stages Theatre Company in Minneapolis, MN. Although most of her performing is in the Twin Cities, she was most recently seen as Yente in “Fiddler on the Roof” at Concordia College directed by Tony nominated lyricist, Bill Russell. Trollwood is such a special place and Madi is thrilled to be spending another summer with students exploring different aspects of musical theatre. Get ready for a summer full of learning, laughs, and lots of fun!

woman smiling

Classic Musical Theatre Experience Instructor

Eve is a performing and teaching artist entering her fourth year of undergrad at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and a Bachelor of Science in History with the hopes to receive her M.Ed. in Secondary Education. Eve values the dynamic arts community in Fargo-Moorhead and is excited to explore classic musical theatre with Trollwood students in June!

woman smiling

Classic Musical Theatre Experience Instructor

Kathy Hanson grew up in Moorhead, MN. Her early dance, acting, voice and performance education took place at Trollwood Performing Arts School, Moorhead High School and the Red River Dance and Performing Company with Eddie and Kathy Gasper. After high school, she attended the University of Denver. Kathy continued her arts education and performance experience in Denver, Minneapolis and back to the FM area. She has taught/choreographed/performed regionally for Phipps Dance Theatre, Trollwood Performing Arts School, FMCT, Moorhead Community Ed, Fargo Public Schools, Gasper’s School of Dance, FM Ballet, Act Up, NDSU Theatre Company, Ursa Major Productions, Theatre B among others. For the past 12 years, Kathy has been a co-founder of Wheelhouse Theatrical Productions (formerly Music Theatre FM), where she has worn many artistic, performance and administrative hats. Most recently she has been working at Trollwood in the administrative offices on an alumni spotlight project. She and her husband, Dave, make their home in Fargo and have two adult daughters, Audra and Eve.


Clothing for Totally Trollwood Academy:

Clothes should be comfortable and movable.  Athletic wear works great!
Tops –Tank top, t-shirt, sweatshirt
Bottoms – Sweatpants, long shorts, leggings
Footwear – Appropriate shoes for the class:
Dance:  Ballet, jazz, or clean tennis shoes. Tap shoes if you are taking that section.
(If you need help acquiring dance shoes, please contact Student Services)
Acting or Musical Theatre:  Clean tennis shoe.  NO sandals or flip-flops.

Standards & Benchmarks

(all grades refer to 2020-2021 school year)

Totally Trollwood Academy exposes students to the performing arts in three curricular areas: Vocal Music, Drama, and Dance.  The applicable standards and benchmarks for this program are listed below.  Not all standards and benchmarks will be addressed in the four week session, but a significant number of them will be represented.


Standard 1: Singing
Students sing, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.

6-8.1.1. Sing accurately and with good breath control throughout their singing ranges, alone and in small and large groups.
6-8.1.2. Sing with expression and technical accuracy a varied repertoire of vocal literature.
6-8.1.3. Sing music representing diverse genres and cultures.
6-8.1.4. Sing music written in two and three parts.

Standard 2: Instrumental Performance
Students perform on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.

*This standard is not applicable in Totally Trollwood Acacemy.

Standard 3: Improvisation
Students improvise melodies, variations, and accompaniments.

6-8.3.1. Improvise simple harmonic accompaniments.
6-8.3.2. Improvise melodic embellishments and simple rhythmic variations on given pentatonic melodies in major keys.
6-8.3.3. Improvise short melodies, unaccompanied, over given rhythmic accompaniments.

Standard 4: Composition
Students compose and arrange music within specified guidelines.

*This standard is not applicable in Totally Trollwood Academy.

Standard 5: Reading Music
Students read and notate music.

6-8.5.1. Read complex rhythms in simple and compound meters.
6-8.5.2. Sight-read simple melodies in both the treble and bass clefs.
6-8.5.3. Know standard notation symbols.

Standard 6: Listening
Students listen to, analyze, and describe music.

6-8.6.1. Understand appropriate terminology to describe specific music events.
6-8.6.2. Know the uses of the elements of music in the analysis of compositions representing diverse genres and cultures.

Standard 7: Evaluating Music
Students evaluate music and music performances.

6-8.7.1. Know how to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of music and music performances.
6-8.7.2. Know how to apply specific criteria when offering constructive suggestions for improving the performance of self and others.

Standard 8: Music and Other Disciplines
Students understand the relationship between music, the other arts, and other disciplines.

6-8.8.1. Know how relationships expressed through music can be expressed differently through other art forms.
6-8.8.2. Know how principles and concepts of other disciplines are related to those of music.

Standard 9: Music, History, and Culture
Students understand music in relation to history and culture.

6-8.9.1. Know the characteristics of music genres and styles from a variety of music cultures.
6-8.9.2. Know exemplary musical works from a variety of genres and styles.
6-8.9.3. Know the functions of music, the roles of musicians, and the conditions of performance in several cultures of the world.


Standard 1: Dramatic Literature
Students comprehend a wide variety of dramatic literature.

6-8.1.1. Know a variety of significant works from various major playwrights.
6-8.1.2. Know themes of dramatic literature.
6-8.1.3. Understand the construction elements of dialogue and actions.
6-8.1.4. Understand elements of improvised and scripted scenes.

Standard 2: Acting
Students will engage in fundamental acting skills.

6-8.2.1.Know resource elements that help to create character motivations.
6-8.2.2. Develop a character’s behavior through a combination of movement, vocal pitch, and tone.
6-8.2.3. Interact in an ensemble.

Standard 3: Production
Students use fundamental production skills.

6-8.3.1. Know the technical elements of a scene or play.
6-8.3.2. Know publicity and house management duties.

Standard 4: Cultural Context of Drama
Students will understand the drama’s role in cultural and human experiences.

6-8.4.1. Know the historical, social, and cultural factors that influence theatre.
6-8.4.2. Know aspects of dramatic genres from a variety of cultures.

Standard 5: Consumer of Theatre
Students will understand how to be knowledgeable consumers of theatre.

6-8.5.1. Use appropriate audience behaviors.
6-8.5.2. Prepare for selected theatrical events.
6-8.5.3. Use knowledge of production elements to respond to a theatrical event.

Standard 6: Drama and Human Development
Students understand the role of theatre in human development.

6-8.6.1. Use drama to develop creative thinking skills.
6-8.6.2. Use drama to develop critical thinking skills.
6-8.6.3. Use drama to develop social skills.

Standard 7: Drama and Other Disciplines
Students understand the connections between drama and other disciplines.

6-8.7.1. Know the relationship of the other fine arts to drama.
6-8.7.2. Know how concepts expressed through drama can be expressed differently through other art disciplines.
6-8.7.3. Know the relationship of other disciplines outside of the arts to drama.


Standard 1: Movement Skills
Students understand the role of movement elements and skills in dance.

6-8.1.1. Understand the characteristics of various dance movements and the underlying principles common to all movement.
6-8.1.2. Know basic dance steps, body positions, and spatial patterns for dances from various styles or traditions.
6-8.1.3. Understand the process of transferring a spatial pattern from the visual to the kinesthetic.
6-8.1.4. Understand the process of transferring a rhythmic pattern from auditory to kinesthetic.
6-8.1.5. Know a range of dynamics/movement qualities.
6-8.1.6. Use kinesthetic awareness, concentration, and focus in performing movement skills.
6-8.1.7. Use dance vocabulary to describe the action and movement elements in a dance.

Standard 2: Choreography
Students understand choreographic principles, processes, and structures.

6-8.2.1. Understand the relationship of principles of creative design to dance.
6-8.2.2. Understand the significance of the processes of reordering and chance.
6-8.2.3. Understand the importance of dance structures or forms.
6-8.2.4. Understand the importance of working cooperatively in a small group during the choreographic process.
6-8.2.5. Know partner dance skills.
6-8.2.6. Know performance etiquette and stage terms.

Standard 3: Dance and Meaning
Students understand dance as a way to create and communicate meaning.

6-8.3.1. Understand the difference between pantomiming and miming.
6-8.3.2. Understand how different accompaniments can affect the meaning of dance.
6-8.3.3. Communicate feelings, ideas, and needs through dance.

Standard 4: Dance and Thinking Skills
Students apply critical and creative thinking skills in dance.

6-8.4.1. Solve movement problems.
6-8.4.2. Know the critical elements that contribute to a dance in terms of space, time, and force.
6-8.4.3. Know the possible aesthetic criteria for evaluating dance.

Standard 5: Dance, History, and Culture
Students understand the historical development of dance and its relationship to various cultures.

6-8.5.1. Know the similarities and differences in steps and movement styles from various cultures.
6-8.5.2. Know social and theatrical dances from a broad spectrum of 20th Century America.
6-8.5.3. Know the role of dance in various cultures and time periods.
6-8.5.4. Know the appropriate audience response to dance performances.

Standard 6: Dance and Personal Wellness
Students understand the connection between dance and personal wellness.

6-8.6.1. Know strategies to prevent dance injuries.
6-8.6.2. Understand the value of personal health goals for dance improvement.

Standard 7: Dance and Other Disciplines
Students understand the difference between dance and other disciplines.

6-8.7.1. Know how various dance concepts and principles relate to other disciplines.
6-8.7.2. Know the aesthetic impact of performance.