March 5, 2021
For Immediate Release:


(Moorhead, Minnesota) – Trollwood Performing Arts School is grateful to receive Innovation Education grant funding from the Fargo Public Schools Development Foundation. Total funding equals $2500 and will be utilized by the Trollwood Students at Risk (STAR) program.

STAR is a nationally recognized program that supports at-risk youth by using the arts to help them build life skills. Students who benefit from this program often face extraordinary challenges including poverty, physical/social/emotional disabilities, cultural disparity, low academic standings, substance abuse, and/or legal problems. Youth in the STAR program receive free arts training, transportation, class supplies, and meals. More importantly, these students receive guidance from caring adults who offer instruction and motivation. The program teaches them to take charge of their lives and empowers them to find success in their academics, personal lives, and future professional lives. STAR directly aligns with the Trollwood mission to “…inspire those we serve through the arts to realize their full potential and be a positive influence in the global community.”

Trollwood Performing Arts School desires to make program participation as affordable as possible. Students who wish to participate in the Trollwood summer 2021 programming may apply for scholarship funds, which include financial aid, transportation, meals, and supplies, as needed, as part of the STAR program. Contact information and applications may be found on the Trollwood website or by calling the Trollwood office at 701.477.6500.

The Fargo Public Schools Development Foundation works to secure a variety of resources to enrich and enhance the quality of education provided by Fargo Public Schools. Its educational grants and programs enrich children’s lives by helping them grow, learn, and enter the world more confidently and better prepared to compete in the 21st century. The Innovation Education grant is awarded to educational projects that are not funded by district, state, or federal dollars. It is designed to aid teachers in taking their students to the next level of learning and encourage students to push themselves further in academic achievements.

ORGANIZATION BACKGROUND Trollwood Performing Arts School (TPAS), located at Bluestem Center for the Arts, is a unique organization committed to providing high quality arts education and exceptional community entertainment while serving as a community events and exposition center. The TPAS mission is “…to inspire those we serve through the arts to realize their full potential and be a positive influence in the global community.” Founded in 1978, Trollwood is a program of the Fargo Public Schools.