All Trollwood students are expected to adhere to the following code of conduct. Violations of these guidelines may result in disciplinary action. Read the following in its entirety. Download, print, and sign the student code of conduct acceptance form as an indication you agree to abide by these guidelines (available at the bottom of this page). Return the form to Trollwood at your first rehearsal or build day.


Because of the short rehearsal period and intense amount of work required to get the show up and running, it is mandatory that you attend all scheduled classes, rehearsals, fittings and tech sessions to which you are committed. For productions, only excused absences such as an illness, conflicts approved by stage management prior to rehearsals beginning, or absences approved by your department head will be accepted.

During the production process, if you are ill, please stay home and rest until you are healthy. Staying home will help stop the spread of illness to others. In the event of illness, it is your responsibility to notify the appropriate person in the area in which you are working: Stage Manager, Orchestra Director, or lead technician in your area. You should also contact the main office: 218-477-6500. If you are unsure how to reach your lead person, the main office staff will be able to help you. This should be done prior to rehearsals or build times. Your absence may change the rehearsal schedule or build schedule for the day, so this is critical.

For All Mainstage Musical Participants: Two (2) unexcused absences from Trollwood will affect a student’s participation and may result in dismissal from the production. This includes absences for anything you have not been given pre-approval for, other than sickness.

Cast and Orchestra Members are expected to sign in on the callboard for each rehearsal. Crew Members are expected to check in with their department supervisor and record their participation hours, in particular, independent study hours and run crew hours.


Producing a play requires commitment from every team member, therefore all participants are expected to be respectful to fellow student participants as well as staff and volunteers at all times. It is expected that anyone involved with the production will work cooperatively with each other, put forth their best effort, and work hard to achieve success.

All participants must arrive promptly at the appointed rehearsal/area for their rehearsal/work call time and be prepared to be fully attentive and engaged in the process of each day’s activities.


It is important that behavior during classes, rehearsals and performances be exemplary at all times. Listed below are guidelines for appropriate behavior during these times:

A) LANGUAGE (both verbal and body language)

Inappropriate, foul, and offensive language will not be tolerated at any time. In the event that these guidelines are not followed, community service to the facility and the production will be assigned to the offending student. Repeat offenses and poor student attitude will result in stronger disciplinary action.


You must remain quiet backstage at all times. Excessive backstage chatter will not be tolerated. Sounds and voices easily carry to the front of the stage and into the house during rehearsals and performances. Although you may think they cannot hear you, we have received comments from audience members about the offending volume of the people backstage during performances. All participants are expected to do their part to keep the sound level low.


Once Mainstage Musical cast members accept their role they must not cut their hair, or alter their physical appearance (ex. hair color) without prior approval. Please contact the Stage Manager if you have questions or requests in this regard.


All participants are responsible for doing all they can to be healthy throughout the rehearsal/construction and performance process.

  • Stay hydrated by consuming WATER. Avoid beverages with sodium, sugar, carbonation and caffeine.
  • Pace yourself with physical activities, especially on hot days.
  • Use sunscreen with an SPF of AT LEAST 30, even on cloudy or overcast days and reapply often.
  • Use bug repellent.
  • Prioritize your “post rehearsal” and “post production” social activities. When Mainstage Musical participants are tired or sick, they impede the success of the entire project.
  • Stay home if you are sick to prevent spread of your illness to others.


Any participant involved in the use of alcohol; possession of alcohol; use and possession of tobacco and/or e-cigarettes/vaping; use, possession, buying or selling of illegal drugs throughout the entire process of any production or program, on or off campus, WILL BE DISMISSED IMMEDIATELY FROM THE PRODUCTION AND/OR OTHER PROGRAMS YOU ARE ENROLLED WITHIN.

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of the student will be contacted.


Sexual harassment is a form of misconduct which undermines the integrity of a safe school environment. All students must be allowed to work in an environment which is free from unsolicited and unwelcome sexual overtures. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated and those found guilty of such conduct may receive a disciplinary warning, a suspension or may be withdrawn from the school depending on the seriousness of the misconduct.


Trollwood Performing Arts School is built upon the Fargo Schools value statement “Diversity Builds Strength.” Therefore Trollwood Performing Arts School strives to be a safe zone for all kinds of diversity. We encourage both global and personal awareness of ourselves and our differences and welcome those who are different from ourselves. Any intolerance of this diversity will not be permitted.


Trollwood Performing Arts School is located in a park-like environment. Therefore the public is welcome to use the facilities. Trollwood students are expected to be respectful towards all visitors, students, and staff. All participants are expected to demonstrate appreciation, stewardship, and respect for the natural environment of the campus by doing the following:

  • Throw away your trash in the proper receptacle, recycling when appropriate.
  • Be respectful of all campus property and equipment.

Mainstage Musical Participants: Both the student and parent/guardian must sign the Student Code of Conduct acceptance form and return to the Stage Manager, Orchestra Director, or lead technician in the area in which the student is working on their FIRST rehearsal or build day. They may also drop it off at the front desk in the office.

Student Code of Conduct Acceptance Form